Frequently Asked Questions

A Reference Point for all of the Frequent Questions Licensees May Have (last updated 04/14/24)

FAQs: General Questions

How do I correct my Facility Contact information in Metrc?
For recreational licensees: information such as your facility's phone number, email address, physical address, etc. are all pushed over to Metrc from the Licensing department at the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC). You will need to contact the OLCC's licensing department in order to update your contact information for your facility. This information feeds into the Manifest as well as other areas of Metrc so it is important to keep it updated.

For medical licensees: information on your facility is pushed over from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). You will need to contact OHA in order to update your contact information for your facility.

I've received a Potential Violation Notification Email, How do I Fix This?
If you've received a potential violation email from it is important that you read and understand the contents of that email and work to find and fix the problem with the METRC data. This may require you to talk with your supplier to confirm that they have the proper test results recorded or that the weight of an item was entered into METRC correctly during the item setup process. It may require you to work with your point of sale system provider (POS API), to configure your Excel spreadsheet to the proper time/date format to avoid combining of sales receipts at the same time. It may also require that you discontinue the selling of a product if it is above the potency restrictions. More information on these potential violation emails can be found in the Bulletins Section of the OLCC's website. If you're still unsure why you got the notice please reply to it and we will help you to problem solve.

Am I required to use Certified Scales when reporting into Metrc?
Both recreational licensees and medical registrants in Metrc must use Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) certified scales whenever they are entering any data into METRC. Help finding certified scales can be found on the Oregon Department of Agriculture's website. For reference and planning, the ODA has also put together a one sheet Cannabis and Weights and Measures fact sheet.

FAQs: Tracking Activity in Metrc

What activity am I legally required to track in Metrc?
Metrc is a Seed to Sale tracking system, so all activity related to the planting, cultivating, harvesting, testing, transferring, processing, and selling of marijuana items is required to be tracked in Metrc. A complete list of CTS tracking requirements for OLCC and Medical Marijuana Registrants in the OLCC system can be found on the Secretary of State's website.

Do I have to report daily activity or just as changes occur?
There is no daily tracking requirement in Metrc, however, a licensee is required to keep their Metrc data complete, up-to-date, and accurate at all times. Reporting activity the day the activity takes place is the best way to ensure compliance with the rules. All activity must be reported by 8 am the following day.

If I destroyed a mother plant in Metrc before I created the cloned plantings, how do I maintain the chain of custody in Metrc?
Reach out to OLCC's CTS compliance team ( for guidance.

Am I required to track pesticides and additives in Metrc?
Currently there is no requirement to track additives of any kind in Metrc, but this information is required to be documented under OAR 845-025-2070. One option for keeping those records would be to record them in Metrc under the "record additives" button found in the plants section of Metrc.

Do I need OLCC approval to transfer a certain amount of Marijuana items from my wholesaler license to a retailer?
There is no cap on licensed transfers for marijuana products, however OAR 845-025-7700 does require that the manifest for any transfer to a Retail License of 25lbs or more of Usable Marijuana, 1lb of Cannabinoid Concentrate/Extract, or 1,000 units of sale of any individual cannabinoid product to be generated 24 hours in advance of the transfer actually taking place.

FAQs: Medical Marijuana

I am an OMMP grower but haven't received my Metrc Credentials yet. What do I do to get started?
Grow sites that fall under the CTS tracking requirements must pay their CTS fee. Once the Grow Site Administrator has paid the fee, OHA will send the GSA's credential information over to Metrc, who will create the grow site in the system. A welcome email will then be sent to the E-mail address that OHA has on file. Make sure that your information is as up to date as possible to ensure your receipt of the email.

I have received my Metrc credentials and created my account, how do I create my inventory in Metrc?
We have created a handy start-up guide for Medical Metrc users to get started in the system. The guide can be found on the OLCC's website.

FAQs: Licenses and Renewals

The Licensing and Renewal processes are not handled by the OLCC Metrc group. Any questions regarding these functions should be directed to our Licensing Department. Information regarding the process for relicensure or a change of ownership and how this flows through the CTS can be found here.

FAQs: Hemp

I have brought in processed Hemp Oil into my facility but don't need it all, may I transfer the Hemp out of METRC and back to the ODA source?
Yes, you can send the Hemp Oil back to the ODA source using an outgoing external transfer in Metrc.

FAQs: Transfers

I made a mistake during a transfer from one licensee to another, may I do a virtual transfer to correct the mistake?
A virtual transfer needs to be pre-approved by the OLCC once a licensee obtains a ticket number from Metrc support. The ticket number and a brief explanation of the circumstances of the transfer, along with any reference IDs (License ID, Package ID, manifest #, etc.) should be included in the request submitted at However, virtual transfers should not be used as a way to correct common clerical errors and should be used sparingly by all licensees. It is important that you verify the information on your manifests before shipping and receiving the items in Metrc. Once received, the request will be reviewed and responded to by OLCC staff. All documentation should be kept regarding the transfer and the Metrc support ticket number should be referenced in the notes on the virtual manifest. Do not do a virtual transfer without OLCC approval. Virtual transfers are not used for situations where product or tags are physically being moved between locations.

Is there a weight limit for how much marijuana I can transfer on one manifest?
There is currently no limit on how much marijuana can be transferred to any one licensee. However, OAR 845-025-7700 does require a licensee to generate a transport manifest 24 hours in advance for quantities in excess of 25lbs of Usable Marijuana, 1lb or more of concentrate or Extract, or 1,000 units of sale of any individual cannabinoid product to be delivered to a retail licensee.

What is the difference between a Transfer and a Wholesale Transfer?
When selecting the transfer type on a Manifest, there are two options used in Oregon:
Wholesale transfer: Involves a change of ownership of inventory and requires that a dollar amount be entered for each package transferred. If sending trade samples with other product, a package price of $0.01 is allowed even though the product will not be sold.
Transfer: Generally used for vertically integrated businesses transferring between license types or for a manifest that has no dollar value associated with it (ie 100% trade samples).

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