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Purpose, Bylaws and Members of the Metrc User Group (Last Updated 06/03/2024)

OLCC Metrc User Group News (updated July 1, 2024)

Due to an Industry Event scheduling conflict, Members have chosen to reschedule the final meeting of the year for Thursday, November 7th.
If you are a member of the group and did not receive a notification email, please reach out to the CTS Team to ensure your contact information is up to date.

OLCC Metrc User Group 2024 Member Recruitment

The 2024 OLCC Metrc User Group new member recruitment has been completed and all applicants have been notified. We welcomed 36 new members in 2024.

Any questions regarding this recruitment should be sent to the CTS Team Email.

OLCC Metrc User Group meetings for 2024 (updated July 1, 2024)

The next User Group meeting will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2024 in the OLCC Commission Room (103A) at our Milwaukie, Oregon Headquarters. We will be welcoming our newly recruited industry members at that time.

9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Room 103 (Commission Room)
OLCC Headquarters
9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222

Additionally, the recorded meeting will be available to all within 10 days of the meeting date.

Meeting dates for 2024 were selected by User Group members last fall as follows:

  • Meeting One: February 29, 2024
  • Meeting Two: May 30, 2024
  • Meeting Three: November 7th, 2024 (updated!)
    All meetings in 2024 fall on a Thursday.


The Metrc User Group is the representative body of licensees, medical registrants, and individuals using the Cannabis Tracking System. The purpose of this group is to identify, prioritize, and vote on enhancements to the OLCC’s Cannabis Tracking System (Metrc). The Metrc User Group has been meeting since June 2017 and meets 3 to 4 times annually at the OLCC Headquarters in Milwaukie.


Member Types

The Metrc User Group is comprised of approximately 60 industry members and staff partners (OLCC/Metrc). There are two types of User Group representatives:
• 80% of the Metrc User Group seats are held by recreational licensees and medical registrants using the Cannabis Tracking System.
• 20% are held by individuals who work for a recreational licensee or medical registrant.

Licensee or Medical Registrant: A licensee, medical registrant, or any employee of the licensee/registrant may attend as a participant in the User Group (one participant per meeting per licensee/registrant). If a person is the representative for a license/registrant on the User Group and that person leaves the employ of the licensee/registrant, the licensee/medical registrant will fill that seat with another employee of the licensee/registrant (the individual who left the company is no longer a member of the User Group).

Individual: These seats are held by a specific individual, not a license or medical registrant as a whole. Individuals must be employed by an OLCC licensee or OHA medical registrant that reports through the Cannabis Tracking System at the time of being selected for the User Group. If the person leaves the employ of the licensee/registrant, that person may still participate in the User Group. However, an individual must be employed by another licensee/registrant by the time of the next User Group, or they lose their seat. Employment by a licensee/registrant will be based on whether you are listed in Metrc as an employee at a Metrc facility in any role (including as a license-holder).

Group Application and Selection Process

New Member Postings:
New member openings are filled via an online application posting process. Active posting alerts are done via Metrc notifications and appear as a pop-up message when a user accesses their CTS account. During an active posting period, the application link will also be available on the OLCC Metrc Wiki website in the User Group section. A general notification is also sent to OLCC GovList subscribers.

Applicant Pool:
In addition to selecting members to fill immediate vacancies, the selection team will also create a pool of qualified alternates that would be used to fill in vacancies between open application periods.

Selection Criteria:
Member selection is determined by a number factors including:
• Well rounded representation across all license types;
• Ability to communicate process-driven solutions effectively;
• Industry knowledge applied to compliance tracking software;
• Meet and maintain member type eligibility;
• Adherence to attendance requirements.

Application Submission Period:
An annual open application period will be held after the Q4 meeting to:
• Select new members to fill current openings;
• Create a pool of qualified applicants to fill vacancies created by attrition throughout the current meeting year.

Attendance Requirements

New Member attendance requirement:
New members are required to attend the first meeting scheduled after formal acceptance into the group. If a newly accepted member does not attend their first meeting, the user group position will be forfeited and subsequently filled from the pool of alternate candidates.

Licensee or Medical Registrant Members:
If no representative for the licensee/medical registrant attends for two consecutive meetings, the license/registrant as a whole loses its seat on the User Group. Members in this category may send an alternate attendee associated with the same facility to represent the license at the User Group Meeting if the named member is unable to attend.

Individual Members:
The individual must attend the User Group meetings themselves or it counts as an attendance “strike” with two consecutive absences resulting in the Individual member losing their seat on the User Group. Members in this category may not send an alternate attendee to a User Group meeting in their place.

Membership Termination:

Members who no longer meet the eligibility requirements for participation in the group either through lack of attendance or facility affiliation will be notified via e-mail that they have been terminated from the group. In the case of Licensee or Medical Registrant Members, the notice will be sent to the Industry Administrator associated with the Metrc account as well as the named member for the license. Terminated members are not excluded from reapplying for the group when future openings become available.

Additionally, the OLCC reserves the right to terminate group membership based on any non-compliant activity found to be associated with the member themselves or the member’s represented licensed facility.

Upcoming Meetings - updated July 1, 2024

2024 Meetings: all meetings in 2024 fall on a Thursday
Meeting One: February 29, 2024 Slide Deck
Meeting Two: May 30, 2024 Slide Deck
Meeting Three: November 7th, 2024

2023 Meetings:
Trimester One meeting was held on April 6th, 2023
Trimester Two meeting was held on July 13th, 2023
Trimester Three meeting was held on October 26th, 2023

2022 Meetings were held as follows:
Due to staffing and other pandemic related issues, the User Group went on an extended break beginning June, 2021 through 2022. In person meetings are planned for 2023.

2021 Meetings were held as follows:
The Q1 meeting was moved to a survey format sent March 17, 2021.

2020 Meetings were held as follows:
The Q1 meeting was February 27, 2020.
The Q2 meeting was moved to a survey format sent June 8, 2020.
We did not have a Q3 meeting due to wildfire and air quality issues impacting our membership.
The Q4 meeting was moved to a survey format sent October 26, 2020.

Meetings are held at the main OLCC Headquarters in Milwaukie, Oregon:
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Room 103 (Commission Room)
OLCC Headquarters
9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222

Group Members - updated June 3rd, 2024

Our 2024 User Group is comprised of industry representatives across all license types. The list below includes members representing our recreational marijuana segment.
We also have members representing our medical community who are not listed below due to patient privacy concerns.

Member Name Facility Name License Number License Type
Debra Huron ChemHistory 010-1002015CA5E Lab
Chris Griffey Rose City Laboratories 010-1002112892C Lab
Liz Loehmann Green Leaf Lab 010-10029074C70 Lab
Jamon Kerrigan Atlas Collective LLC 020-100105904E2 Producer
DaveVinik Deep Creek Gardens LLC 020-100158612C3 Producer
Kim Trewhella High Ridge Farms 020-100292516BA Producer
Stephen Fergeson Honey Badger's Buds 020-1003067B2BA Producer
MarianneCursetjee Alibi Cannabis 020-1003391638A Producer
PanseyWillcox-Fridley Old Apple Farm 020-1004259EB0B Producer
Michael Busher Deterra LLC 020-10061378DAE Producer
Hyangmi Chon Hesperides Garden 020-100682137B6 Producer
Stephanie Doan Rising Leaf Farms, LLC 020-1006933D226 Producer
Chrisi Shock Siren 020-10071771A8C Producer
Sky Silga Sticky Farms 020-1008081A7F3 Producer
Michael Condino Lower Rogue Farms LLC 020-1009591d6fd Producer
Christine Szabo Avitas 020-10200600F03 Producer
Nathan Wu CHH Farm 020-10227823F64 Producer
Ted Howlett and Nikaya Margheim Bobsled 030-1002348C969 Processor
Maria Marquez Gron 030-100334417C0 Processor
Kendal Reisman Entourage Cannabis 030-1003640E36D Processor
Justin Bringhurst High Desert Pure 030-1004704317D Processor
Niles Christodoulidis Rebel Roots Farms 030-100848592B2 Processor
Brian Saint Calyx Crafts 030-101546413A2 Processor
Ian Watson Maritime Café 050-10000680436 Retailer
Rachel Jones Club Sky High 050-1000235878E Retailer
Anthony Fritts Cannabis Nation - Blooming Deals 050-100164832B5 Retailer
London Stricklin Green Mart 050-10026091C87 Retailer
Steffen Massie TCDC, LLC dba The CDC Discpensary 050-1003846F031 Retailer
Patricia Dennis Going Green Albany 050-1005284C8D3 Retailer
Erin Purchase Kind Leaf Pendleton LLC 050-10053577FB7 Retailer
Evan Consani and Benjamin Wiens Western Oregon Dispensary 050-101043554F6 Retailer
Andre Sena Top Shelf Wellness Center 050-1012246E7D7 Retailer
Travis Uminski Pendleton Cannabis 050-1022732561B Retailer
Lesley Gonzaga Allred The Dub Wholesale 060-10035818084 Wholesaler
Elizabeth Brown Good Day Distro 060-1005964E660 Wholesaler
Colin Hobbs Buddies Distribution 060-10108279225 Wholesaler
Haley Buttler and Marissa Rodriguez Nimble Distribution 060-1016845DBB9 Wholesaler
Brianne Arias Green Dragon Wholesale 060-10171347431 Wholesaler
Cassy Knapp Columbia Wholesale 060-1025011CFE2 Wholesaler
Christopher Cranfill Sooth LLC 330-1081661IHH Hemp Handler Certificate Holder
Melissa Berry Missionary Chocolates 330-1083862IHH Hemp Handler Certificate Holder
Shadow McFadden Individual Member N/A N/A
Wendy Mintey Individual Member N/A N/A
Domingo Moya Individual Member N/A N/A
Brock Kounalis Individual Member N/A N/A
Caryle Hearte Individual Member N/A N/A
Cheryl Johnson Individual Member N/A N/A
Adriana Uriarte Individual Member N/A N/A
Nathan Curtright Individual Member N/A N/A
Melanie Lee Individual Member N/A N/A
Haley Olson Individual Member N/A N/A
Jessie Sanchez Individual Member N/A N/A

User Group Recordings

T2-2024 Meeting.

T1-2024 Meeting.

T2-2023 Meeting.

T1-2023 Meeting.

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