<!-- TITLE: Trade Samples and Quality Control Items --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of recording Trade Samples and Quality Control items (Last Updated 4/13/20) --> # Trade Samples **NEW RULES EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2020!** Please refer to <a href = 'https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Bulletins/Compliance_2020_01.pdf' target ='_blank'> Bulletin CE2020-01</a>, Implementation of 2019 Legislative Changes and Technical Rule Amendments. **Definition:** Trade Samples are samples of products sent by producers, processors, wholesalers, and hemp certificate holders to licensees for purposes of creating product awareness and as a means to generate business. For example, producers are able to sell immature plants to other producers, but a prospective buyer may want to know what the harvested material from that particular strain will be like. Similarly, licensees and hemp certificate holders could use trade samples as a means to generate new business at retailers – either getting on the shelf at a new store or introducing a new product. Trade samples allow the licensees and hemp certificate holders to provide limited samples each month as a means of marketing products and encouraging prospective buyers to make a purchase. **Governing Rules and limits:** Trade Samples are covered under <a href= 'https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/view.action;JSESSIONID_OARD=Jf5EzWwJWJAQjBfgjYck-43xfygqFbsojj_hWhb_NJJbBg6NHpec!-727831794?ruleNumber=845-025-1330' target='_blank'> OAR 845-25-1330</a>. Additional Information can be found in <a href='https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/CTS/Trade_Sample_Metrc_Guide.pdf' target='_blank'> Trade Sample Guide </a> that was published on the OLCC website January 27, 2020. *Note: Trade Samples to Medical Dispensaries from Medical Grow Sites fall under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Health Authority regarding rules and limits. Medical growers wishing to provide samples to Recreational Retailers can only do so under the 20 pound transfer provision.* **Entering information into Metrc:** Any time marijuana is on the road it must have an accompanying Metrc transfer manifest. This includes trade samples. In Metrc the originating/sending licensee treats trade samples like any other package – **every trade sample must be tagged as a package in Metrc and manifested to the destination**. When assigning and affixing the UID tag, a licensee or hemp certificate holder must designate samples as trade samples in CTS. Although not required, it is recommended that licensees distributing trade samples create a specific item in Metrc for the trade sample. For example: a producer distributing a trade sample of “Blue Dream Buds” would create a Metrc item of “Blue Dream Buds ‐ Trade Sample.” This makes it clear to the sender, receiver, and OLCC what this item is intended as and that it is not for resale. * A trade sample *only* delivery should use the "Transfer" type of transfer from the drop down choices. * A trade sample that is part of a delivery containing priced items can be included on a "Wholesale Transfer" type transfer using the item cost of $0.01. The receiving licensee will accept the transfer and adjust the package in CTS with the reason of “Trade Sample.” If the trade sample is given to an employee, the worker permit ID number of the recipient should be entered into the notes section. > **Only the recipient of a trade sample should use the “Trade Sample” adjustment reason. Any marijuana item on the road without a transfer manifest would be a serious violation of OLCC rules and potentially of state law. Even if no sample is left behind – for example, a producer with an “exhibit case” to show the same example marijuana items to different retailers – a transfer manifest is still required.** If a licensee travels between multiple licensees showing an “exhibit case” of trade samples, or if a licensee previously agreed to accept the trade samples and later refuses, the manifest **must be rejected by the transfer recipient**. For trade samples or any other package, once a licensee rejects the product it can be added to a new manifest for a different licensee. However, two important steps are required: * The rejected package first must be accepted back by the sending licensee before it is available to be added to the next manifest; and * A physical, printed manifest must accompany the new transfer. This may require the use of a portable printer in the delivery vehicle and remotely logging into Metrc from a computer or other device in the vehicle. **Creating Trade Sample Packages:** Trade sample packages show a suitcase symbol next to the package tag so that shippers and receivers can more easily identify sample packages in their inventory. **Please note that this designation is now required when creating a trade sample package in Metrc.** Steps: 1. Select the package of product from which you want to create trade samples. Then click ‘New Packages’. ![Trade Sample 1](/uploads/trade-sample-1.jpg "Trade Sample 1") 2. Fill in the New Package pop-up box. Be sure to check the ‘Trade Sample’ box to identify the package as containing trade samples. ![Trade Sample 2](/uploads/trade-sample-2.jpg "Trade Sample 2") 3. Once the package is created you will see the Trade Sample symbol next to the package tag. ![Trade Sample 3](/uploads/trade-sample-3.jpg "Trade Sample 3") 4. Additionally, you can add a column to your Metrc view that will show all trade samples: ![Trade Sample 6](/uploads/trade-sample-6.jpg "Trade Sample 6") ![Trade Sample 7](/uploads/trade-sample-7.jpg "Trade Sample 7") 5. Now when you transfer or receive a transfer you can also see Trade Samples on the manifest. When added to an outgoing manifest you will see: ![Trade Sample 4](/uploads/trade-sample-4.jpg "Trade Sample 4") 6. Or when receiving an incoming manifest you will see: ![Trade Sample 5](/uploads/trade-sample-5.jpg "Trade Sample 5") 7. And you can see which packages are Trade Samples on the manifest: ![Trade Sample 8](/uploads/trade-sample-8.jpg "Trade Sample 8") ## Adjusting Trade Sample Packages in Metrc When a recieving licensee is giving the trade samples to employees of their location, they are now required to record both the name and worker permit number in the notes field of the adjustment in Metrc as shown in the example below: ![Trade Sample](/uploads/trade-sample.jpg "Trade Sample") # Quality Control **Definition:** Quality Control Samples are samples of a licensee’s own product for internal quality control and product development purposes. Only producers and processors may provide quality control samples to their own employees. Quality control samples are only for internal quality control and product development purposes of a licensee’s own items. The items cannot be consumed on the licensed premises and cannot be resold to another licensee or consumer. *Quality Control Samples cannot be transferred via manifest.* **Governing Rules and limits:** Quality Control Samples are covered under <a href= 'https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/view.action?ruleNumber=845-025-1360' target='_blank'> OAR 845-25-1360</a>. Additional Information can be found in the <a href='https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Bulletins/Compliance_2020_01.pdf' target='_blank'> Compliance Education Bulletin CE2020-01</a> published on the OLCC website February 1st, 2020. **Entering information into Metrc:** Quality control samples should be recorded via an adjustment with the reason of “In‐House Quality Control.” As with Trade Sample Adjustments, the adjustment note should include the name and permit number of the employee receiving the quality control sample. *Retailers and wholesalers cannot take quality control samples*; they can only record trade samples received from other licensees (see above). # Wiki Feedback If you encounter a technical problem or just want to provide general comments regarding your visit to the Oregon Metrc Wiki, we welcome your <a href="mailto:Marijuana.CTS@oregon.gov?subject=OLCC Metrc Wiki Feedback">Feedback</a>.