<!-- TITLE: Seeds --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Seeds (Last Updated 07/11/19)--> # Seeds In <a href='https://wiki-or.metrc.com/plants#create-plantings' target='_blank'>Create Plantings</a>, we discuss linking immature plantings back to a source plant or package. Similarly, seeds generated or bred in production can be tied back to their source in Metrc. How is this done? In short, one needs to record the seeds as a package created out of either: 1. An existing package of usable marijuana such as buds or shake/trim, or 1. A harvest lot package created from a harvest ## Seeds Item The first step in either case is to create a **Seeds item** in Metrc: Note: only weight based items will work if pulling directly from a harvest. ![Seeds Item](/uploads/seeds/seeds-item.jpg "Seeds Item") <img src="/uploads/seeds/seeds-item-screenshot.jpg" width="800" /> ## Seeds from a Package Then, if using an existing package of usable marijuana containing the seeds, such as a harvest lot package, one would: ![Seeds From Package](/uploads/seeds/seeds-from-package.jpg) The seeds package will show the source package and harvest for the seeds for proper chain of custody. <img src="/uploads/seeds/source-package.jpg" width="800" /> ## Seeds from a Harvest If the seeds are still on the plant, one can harvest – either full or manicure – to create the package of seeds. Use cases for the types of harvests and seed: * Manicure harvest is used when portions of a plant – like seeds - are harvested while the remainder of the plant stays in the ground/growing media. * Regular harvest in which the entirety of the plant - including seeds, buds, leaves etc. - is removed from the ground/growing media. More information on the harvest types is available in the <a href='https://wiki-or.metrc.com/harvests#harvesting' target='_blank'>Wiki Harvests section</a>. Choose the correct harvest type for ones situation to create a harvest batch. Then one follows similar steps as above to create a package of seeds from the harvest batch. This ties the seeds to the plant and harvest. ![Harvest Flow](/uploads/seeds/harvest-flow.jpg "Harvest Flow") ## Transferring Seeds from an Oregon Location (new 2022) This information is located in the <a href='https://wiki-or.metrc.com/transfers/seed-transfers' target='_blank'>Transfer Section</a> of this Wiki. # Wiki Feedback If you encounter a technical problem or just want to provide general comments regarding your visit to the Oregon Metrc Wiki, we welcome your <a href="mailto:Marijuana.CTS@oregon.gov?subject=OLCC Metrc Wiki Feedback">Feedback</a>.