<!-- TITLE: Laws And Rules --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Resources for all Laws and rules related to Marijuana in Oregon (Last Updated 06/04/19) --> # Oregon Revised Statutes <a href= 'https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASESCONDITIONS/CHRONICDISEASE/MEDICALMARIJUANAPROGRAM/Documents/ORS%20475B%20Cannabis%20Regulation.pdf' target='_blank'> ORS 475B</a> governs the regulation of both recreational and medical marijuana in the State of Oregon. <a href='https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/bills_laws/lawsstatutes/2016orLaw0071.pdf' target='_blank'>ORS 571</a> governs the regulation of industrial hemp in the State of Oregon. # Oregon Administrative Rules **Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 333:** * <a href= 'https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/displayDivisionRules.action?selectedDivision=1222' target='_blank'>Division 7</a> sets forth rules on Marijuana Concentration Limits, and Testing Requirements. * <a href= 'https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASESCONDITIONS/CHRONICDISEASE/MEDICALMARIJUANAPROGRAM/Documents/rules/333-007-0210-Table-1-eff-05-31-17.pdf' target='_blank'>Table 1</a> of Division 7 outlines the concentration and serving size limits for retail grade marijuana products. * <a href= 'https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASESCONDITIONS/CHRONICDISEASE/MEDICALMARIJUANAPROGRAM/Documents/rules/333-007-0220-Table-2-eff-05-31-17.pdf' target='_blank'>Table 2</a> of Division 7 outlines the concentration and serving size limits for medical grade marijuana products. * <a href= 'https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASESCONDITIONS/CHRONICDISEASE/MEDICALMARIJUANAPROGRAM/Documents/rules/333-007-0410-Exhibit-A-eff-05-31-17.pdf' target='_blank'>Table 3</a> of Division 7 outlines the pesticide analyte action level for marijuana items and <a href= 'https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASESCONDITIONS/CHRONICDISEASE/MEDICALMARIJUANAPROGRAM/Documents/rules/333-007-0410-Exhibit-A-eff-05-31-17.pdf' target='_blank'>Table 4</a> outlines the solvent analyte action level for marijuana items. * <a href='https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/DISEASESCONDITIONS/CHRONICDISEASE/MEDICALMARIJUANAPROGRAM/Documents/rules/333-007-0360-Exhibit-B-Eff-01-01-19.pdf' target='_blank'>Tables 5, 6, and 7</a> outline the sample increments that should be taken based on the marijuana item's type and the batch size. * <a href='https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/displayDivisionRules.action%3bJSESSIONID_OARD=4LOZcKPfK_RJ4CJ0koEixlXLsXVafNNH8PwcgJ09TmntSr9e65eh%2179857996?selectedDivision=1223' target='_blank'>Division 8</a> sets forth the rules related to medical marijuana in Oregon. * <a href='https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/displayDivisionRules.action%3bJSESSIONID_OARD=4LOZcKPfK_RJ4CJ0koEixlXLsXVafNNH8PwcgJ09TmntSr9e65eh%2179857996?selectedDivision=1276' target='_blank'>Division 64</a> sets forth the rules related to the accreditation of laboratories in Oregon as well as establishing the validity of test results for marijuana items. **Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 603:** * <a href='https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/displayDivisionRules.action?selectedDivision=2726' target='_blank'>Division 48</a> sets forth the rules on growing and processing Industrial Hemp. **Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 845:** * <a href= 'https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/displayDivisionRules.action?selectedDivision=3873' target='_blank'>Division 25</a> sets forth all the rules on recreational marijuana for producers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers. # Other Notifications **Bulletins:** Hot topics and upcoming rule changes are often communicated with Bulletins. Notifications of release are pushed out through the Metrc software as available and will appear in a red link banner when you log into the CTS or can be viewed directly on the <a href='https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Pages/Bulletins.aspx' target='_blank'>OLCC website</a>. **Listserv:** To receive general OLCC information notifications via e-mail or text, please subscribe to the <a href= 'https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/OLCC/subscriber/new?topic_id=OLCC_69' target='_blank'>OLCC general opt-in listserv</a>. # Rulemaking in Oregon If you are interested in making a change or finding out more about the rules making process for the State of Oregon, the <a href='https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/Pages/laws_and_rules.aspx#The' target='_blank'>rulemaking page</a> has the information you need to get involved in the process! # Wiki Feedback If you encounter a technical problem or just want to provide general comments regarding your visit to the Oregon Metrc Wiki, we welcome your <a href="mailto:Marijuana.CTS@oregon.gov?subject=OLCC Metrc Wiki Feedback">Feedback</a>.