Laws And Rules

Resources for all Laws and rules related to Marijuana in Oregon (Last Updated 06/04/19)

Oregon Revised Statutes

ORS 475B governs the regulation of both recreational and medical marijuana in the State of Oregon.

ORS 571 governs the regulation of industrial hemp in the State of Oregon.

Oregon Administrative Rules

Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 333:

  • Division 7 sets forth rules on Marijuana Concentration Limits, and Testing Requirements.
    • Table 1 of Division 7 outlines the concentration and serving size limits for retail grade marijuana products.
    • Table 2 of Division 7 outlines the concentration and serving size limits for medical grade marijuana products.
    • Table 3 of Division 7 outlines the pesticide analyte action level for marijuana items and Table 4 outlines the solvent analyte action level for marijuana items.
    • Tables 5, 6, and 7 outline the sample increments that should be taken based on the marijuana item's type and the batch size.
  • Division 8 sets forth the rules related to medical marijuana in Oregon.
  • Division 64 sets forth the rules related to the accreditation of laboratories in Oregon as well as establishing the validity of test results for marijuana items.

Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 603:

  • Division 48 sets forth the rules on growing and processing Industrial Hemp.

Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 845:

  • Division 25 sets forth all the rules on recreational marijuana for producers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers.

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