<!-- TITLE: Metrc Experience --> <!-- Subtitle: (Last Updated 4/14/22) --> # Metrc Experience (XP) • The OLCC has heard from the Oregon Metrc User Group and directly from licensees about the need for a way for license representatives to get experience with Metrc without it impacting live business data. We worked with Metrc to create Metrc Experience (Metrc XP) to meet this need. • Metrc XP is a sandbox environment where users have access to mock data for each license type. With the ability to simulate everyday activities from seed to sale, supported by scenarios to walk you through the process. • Metrc XP is fully automated with data resetting after each one-hour session, eliminating Metrc Support involvement. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access is restricted to individuals with active Metrc access, requiring existing user profile information to sign-up for one-hour sessions. * Available 24/7 * Pre-populated mock data * Access to all license types * No risk training environment * Fully Automated * Access to simulate flow from seed to sale * Three seats available per hour # Signing up You will need to be an active employee in Metrc to use Metrc XP. In register for a Metrc XP training session, you will need the following information: • **Facility License Number:** Facility license number you are associated with. • **Employee ID:** Worker permit number (or username if unlicensed). • **Employee Email:** email associated with your user profile. • **Registration Email:** email where you want the registration confirmation and welcome email sent. # Reserving a time Metrc XP is best supported by the following browsers: Chrome. 1. Copy the following URL to a supported browser, xp.metrc.com. <a href='https://xp.metrc.com/' target='_blank'>Metrc XP</a> 2. Select Oregon from the dropdown window. ![Metrc Xp Step 2](/uploads/metrc-xp/metrc-xp-step-2.png "Metrc Xp Step 2") 3. Select “Reserve Time” button in the upper left-hand corner of the scheduling calendar window to select a date and time. If a calendar is not displayed, make sure you are using a supported browser. ![Metrc Xp Step 3](/uploads/metrc-xp/metrc-xp-step-3.png "Metrc Xp Step 3") 4. Populate the Reserve Time pop-up window: a. **Date:** Select a date from the dropdown. b. **Time:** Select a time. c. **Facility License Number:** Enter a facility license number you are associated with. d. **Employee ID:** Worker permit number (or username if unlicensed). e. **Employee Email:** email associated with your user profile. f. **Registration Email:** email where you want the registration confirmation and welcome email sent. ![Metrc Xp Step 4 2](/uploads/metrc-xp/metrc-xp-step-4-2.png "Metrc Xp Step 4 2") 5. Once registered you will receive two emails: 1. **Immediately after registering:** Confirmation that you have registered a time slot. 2. **Within 5-minutes of session time:** “Welcome to Metrc” email with token link to get into the XP environment. Check your junk email if you do not see the second email within 5-minutes of the session start time. ***Once time in Metrc XP is up, you will be logged out.*** # Scenarios The OLCC CTS Compliance Team has developed the following scenarios to help provide a guided experience through Metrc XP. Please feel free to use these scenarios to practice the skills outlined in the scenarios and to familiarize yourself with the software. We have stopped development of further scenarios as Metrc Learn has replaced this functionality. To sign up for Metrc Learn visit https://selfbridgestration.custom-bridgeapp.com/sign_up/metrclearn. 1. [Metrc Experience Plant Scenario](/uploads/training/metrc-experience-plant-scenario.pdf "Metrc Experience Plant Scenario"): This scenario will walk you through the entire life cycle of the plant. You'll start by creating the plant from a package, moving it through the growth phases, destroying some plants, harvesting plants, packaging your harvest, recording harvest weight and finishing the harvest. The basic functionality of moving your plants through the system is demonstrated here. 2. [Metrc Experience Transfer Scenario](/uploads/training/metrc-experience-transfer-scenario.pdf "Metrc Experience Transfer Scenario"): This scenario will walk you through the basic process of creating a transfer, filling out the information for the manifest, adding packages to a manifest, recieving a manifest and rejecting packages and how to receive rejected packages back into the system. The basic functionality of the transfer process is demonstrated here. **Note: The Scenarios here are provided for educational purposes to demonstrate the functionality of the software and are NOT a substitute for learning and understanding the OLCC rules for tracking marijuana in the Cannabis Tracking System.** # Feedback Please! Please complete the <a href='https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MNNL97S' target='_blank'>Metrc Experience feedback survey</a> when you have completed your Metrc XP session so we can continue to fine tune the site and make it more valuable to our users.