<!-- TITLE: Medical Marijuana Grow Site Administrator (GSA) --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Grow Site Administrators for Medical Grow Sites Tracked in METRC (last updated: 7/8/2020) --> # What is a GSA? GSA stands for Grow Site Administrator and is the person that is responsible for a medical grow site that is tracked within Metrc. A medical grow site must designate a GSA when they reach the 3 patient threshold requiring the site to be registered within Metrc. A GSA is responsible for all data that is entered into METRC, may designate other users at the grow site that can have access to Metrc, and is the main point of contact for the grow site. # Designating a GSA: Designating a GSA for your Medical Grow Site is a simple process. Once you have selected your GSA through OMMOS and pay the CTS User fee through OHA, the information for your grow site will be forwarded to Metrc. Once you have started the process of changing from OMMOS to Metrc, it is important that you sign up for and complete the <a href='https://franwell.quickbase.com/db/bmtng7das?a=dbpage&pageID=2' target='_blank'> Metrc Training.</a> Once your credentialing into Metrc is complete you will receive an email from Metrc Support instructing you to activate your account. >If a new GSA needs to be assigned, please contact OMMOS directly. OLCC staff cannot make updates to assigned GSAs in Metrc. # Responsibilities of a GSA: Once the GSA is credentialed into the system the GSA becomes responsible setting up the initial inventory on hand at the grow site. For a walk through of the initial inventory set up, view the OLCC's <a href='https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/Pages/ommp_cts_guide.aspx#Inital_Setup_How-To_Guide' target='_blank'>website</a>. After the initial inventory is set up in Metrc, the GSA is also responsible for recording all daily activities, recording the transfers into and out of the grow site, recording all harvests, coordinating and cooperating with the other growers at the grow site. The GSA will also be the main contact person for any inspections that take place at the grow site. It is important that the GSA's contact information including email and phone number remain up to date with OHA. >The yearly CTS fee is part of the GSA renewal process and is paid via the OMMOS online payment system. The OLCC does not handle any fees directly related to Metrc. # Patient Affiliations in Metrc: In August of 2019, the OHA began sending patient affiliations into Metrc. This new feature requires that all new plants, packages and harvests be affiliated with a patient. It is important that GSAs review the <a href='https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Bulletins/Medical_Marijuana_Bulletins/MMCE2019_05_GSA_Reporting.pdf' target='_blank'>patient affiliation bulletin</a> released by the OLCC and the OHA. If you have further questions, make sure to reach out to the OLCC CTS team, which can be found on our <a href='https://wiki-or.metrc.com/compliance-contacts' target='_blank'>Compliance Contacts Page</a>. >If you realize that your grow site does not have all the right numbers under your patient affiliations, make sure to contact OHA to check for any discrepancies between your physical medical cards and the cards in Metrc. # Continuing Reporting After your first season of growing you may have mother plants or seeds left over for your patients to grow from. You may also only grow once a year and forget how to run certain operations in Metrc. To better assist you with continuing operations at your grow site OLCC staff have created an <a href='https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/CTS/CTS_AdvancedReportingGuide.pdf' target='_blank'> Advanced Reporting Guide</a> to assist GSAs in continuning to report in Metrc. # Wiki Feedback If you encounter a technical problem or just want to provide general comments regarding your visit to the Oregon Metrc Wiki, we welcome your <a href="mailto:Marijuana.CTS@oregon.gov?subject=OLCC Metrc Wiki Feedback">Feedback</a>.