Licensing and Change Of Ownership In Metrc

How an account in Metrc changes hands. An Agency Process Overview (last updated 4/14/2024)

Steps to complete a successful license transfer in Metrc:

This is a rough process outline of what happens during relicensure. For specific timing, etc. you should reach out to your licensing contact. The CTS team is not involved with these, but can act as a conduit if people are having issues on the software side. Any procedural or rules questions should be directed to your investigator.

Process for Change of Ownership and Metrc “Re-Licensure”

  1. OLCC will approve change of ownership application and forward to OLCC License Process Staff to process.
  2. OLCC: At time new licensee pays for license and application is flipped to “Active” in CAMP:
    a. OLCC License Process Staff will email new licensee with subject of “Change of Ownership” with instructions to contact Metrc support for credentialing into Metrc within 72 hours and work with Metrc to get inventory transferred from old license to new.
  3. Licensee: will follow instructions to contact Metrc support to begin “re-licensure” process in Metrc.
  4. When re-licensure completed:
    a. Metrc support: When re-licensure complete, will email OLCC to notify that “re- licensure” process is complete.
    b. OLCC when notified of completion of “re-licensure” by Metrc support, will set status of old license to “Surrendered” in order to deactivate old license.

Before your account is deactivated...

If you know that your business is closing or that you will be losing facility access to the Metrc tracking system, be sure to print any reports you may need for future reporting. A final inventory report, year end sales, transfer histories, etc. ... anything you may need in the future. Once you lose access to your Metrc, all reporting requests must follow our Public Records request process which can take a lot of time and may also have a fee associated with pulling the data. Better to be safe than sorry!