<!-- TITLE: Metrc XP Scenarios --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Last Updated 12-10-2020 --> # Metrc XP Scenarios The OLCC CTS Compliance Team has developed the following scenarios to help provide a guided experience through Metrc XP. Please feel free to use these scenarios to practice the skills outlined in the scenarios and to familiarize yourself with the software. We will be producing additional scenarios as we move forward: 1. [Metrc Experience Plant Scenario](/uploads/training/metrc-experience-plant-scenario.pdf "Metrc Experience Plant Scenario"): This scenario will walk you through the entire life cycle of the plant. You'll start by creating the plant from a package, moving it through the growth phases, destroying some plants, harvesting plants, packaging your harvest, recording harvest weight and finishing the harvest. The basic functionality of moving your plants through the system is demonstrated here. 2. [Metrc Experience Transfer Scenario](/uploads/training/metrc-experience-transfer-scenario.pdf "Metrc Experience Transfer Scenario"): This scenario will walk you through the basic process of creating a transfer, filling out the information for the manifest, adding packages to a manifest, recieving a manifest and rejecting packages and how to receive rejected packages back into the system. The basic functionality of the transfer process is demonstrated here. **Note: The Scenarios here are provided for educational purposes to demonstrate the functionality of the software and are NOT a substitute for learning and understanding the OLCC rules for tracking marijuana in the Cannabis Tracking System.**